New Software May Help Detect Myasthenia Gravis Sooner

The more you know.


Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is an autoimmune disorder, which may lead to paralysis and even death if not treated on time. One of its primary symptoms is severe muscular weakness, initially arising in the eye muscles. Testing the mobility of the eyeball can help in early detection of MG.

In this study, software was designed to analyze the ability of the eye muscles to focus in various directions, thus estimating the MG risk. Progressive weakness in gazing at the directions prompted by the software can reveal abnormal fatigue of the eye muscles, which is an alert sign for MG.

To assess the user’s ability to keep gazing at a specified direction, a fuzzy algorithm was applied to images of the user’s eyes to determine the position of the iris in relation to the sclera. The results of the tests performed on 18 healthy volunteers and 18 volunteers in early stages of MG confirmed the validity of the suggested software.”

Early detection of MG may help people receive treatment sooner. From my own experience, It took multiple doctors and an entire year before I was diagnosed. Which in reality, felt like forever, so my heart goes out to those who weren’t diagnosed right away. 

How do you feel about this new development for early MG detection? 

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Start Somewhere

My mantra for this beautiful Monday morning.


If you are ever unsure where to start, simply “start somewhere”

The obvious way may not be the only way


When I came across the video below, it truly touched me.

When I was first diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis (and awhile before my actual diagnosis), weakness got in the way of so many things I wanted to do. Holding up my arms and using my hands to successfully put a bit of makeup on, brush my teeth or put my hair up into a ponytail was not easily doable – along with other daily life tasks such as walking any distance or chewing my food well. I felt like my weakness had unexpectedly taken so many things away from me that I unknowingly took for granted most of my life prior to the onset of symptoms.

Sitting here now looking back at that time, little did I know, my weakness didn’t take anything away from me at all…it actually forced me into taking a close look at myself, my health and overall lifestyle and to go about things in all aspects of my life differently.


Over the years I was encouraged, by my stubbornness and internal strength, to adapt and to do things differently. I realized that if I wanted to continue enjoying the little and big things life has to offer, I needed to understand that the obvious route might not be for me (and that is not only ok but it’s both a blessing and a lesson wrapped into one). It’s ok to do things differently, to do things in whatever way works best for you.


So, as Jordan Bone wisely states in this video, “If something is standing in your way, maybe it means trying a different way, explore your options. The obvious route might not always be for you” and I couldn’t agree more. 

Such wise words from an incredibly beautiful soul, inside and out.

Check out her YouTube Channel | Jordan’s Beautiful Life


How to stop screwing yourself over

ted talk - mel robbins
Someone very close and encouraging in my life sent me this video. Of course, with everything else going on throughout my days, I brushed it aside and said I would get to it later.
Well, after being reminded numerous times, last night It was finally insisted upon me that I sit and watch it. So, I did. And now I am eagerly sharing it with you because, well, it was totally and completely worth my time. 
I hope you watch this too and lovingly share it with the ones close to you in your life. We could all use a bit of this; a simple yet powerful little reminder.
We’re here together. We are all working towards and getting healthy together. You are not alone in this. However, it is your job and your job alone to push yourself yourself take the first step.
So make today great and make tomorrow even better.

If you are in need of some more motivational goodness in your life, I encourage you to check out more of her work at

Ninja kitchen blender: My favorite blender this far

ninja blender

My personal blender

Recently I received a comment asking for my advice on a good blender to buy as this person was looking to start working on optimizing the health of their household. They kindly pointed out that while I had reviewed and shared which juicer I use, I had left out the very important information regarding my blender!

So, to anyone who has been searching this site for a blender recommendation, I am so sorry I somehow left that very important post out.

With excitement for you all, as this blender has changed my life due to its ease and efficiency, I now present to you my favorite blender to date (and I have defiantly tested out a few throughout the years).

Read about and/or purchase the blender here: 
Ninja Kitchen System Pulse -BL204

Why do I love it?

The blender linked above is amazing. I feel this way because as many with MG know, muscle strength is an issue. Many of the other blenders I have tried over the years were heavy and difficult to maneuver into the sink to easily clean. Keep in mind that you will need to wash whatever blender you have after each use and honestly, theres no need to have a large capacity blender unless you are making a smoothie for 4-6 people at a time. In addition this blender seems to break down even the smallest of ingredients (think chia seeds or spinach) into a nice creamy consistency. This is why I love and own and recommend this awesome blender.


It comes with 3 large cups that you use to blend and go

You simply add whatever ingredients you’d like (smoothie recipe ideas here) into the cup, screw on the top (which has blender blades attached) and set it upside down on the blender base and pulse (or hold down). It takes about a minute to get a smooth consistency when using frozen ingredients (as I often do). Once you are done blending you simply un-screw the top and drink from the cup, or you can screw on one of the 3 ‘grab and go’ lids making it easy to take with you.


Dishwasher safe (thankfully)

With this blender there is no need to wash out the blender in addition to your cup because the blender is your cup. So easy, which is what I like. The cups and lids are also dishwasher safe so when your finished with your smoothie just rinse and set it in the dishwasher! 

A motto that I was lovingly taught by a kind and wise human being and have adapted while living with MG is to ‘Keep It Simple Silly’. This saying has worked for me as I apply it to all aspects of life (blender and recipes included) and I feel that if you give it a try, it can be useful in your daily life as well.


Have you found a blender that has changed your life?
Comment below we would love to hear!





Keep your spark alive | Living with MG


Myasthenia Gravis (for the most part) is a disorder invisible to the eye if someone is not already aware – and often even when they are aware. With MG, we do experience a lot of difficult situations daily that most people wouldn’t even think about as they have (most likely) not encountered experiences of uncontrollable, unreliable muscle weakness and fatigue.

The most frustrating part for me is that not every day is the same regarding the level of weakness and fatigue experienced. Some days the weakness is there from the time you wake up, other days the weakness sets in quickly after doing one seemingly simple task while other days you can manage to get all of the laundry done plus more…

I understand fully how MG can affect someones life and the joy of living.

But I am writing this to encourage you to never lose your joy and do not stop working towards improving your health.

Keep your spark alive

We may have to experience joy in other ways, such as appreciating the little things (which are the things that really matter while we are here anyway). And we may also need to upgrade our diet and simplify our lifestyle more so than the average joe next door (or maybe they should as well but have nothing hinting to them to do to).

Either way, Its important to not loose your individual spark. That little part of you that is excited about life and all it has to offer. We may have to go about things a little differently but in the end, and along the way, we will be better for it. I promise you that.

So take time to appreciate the now. Listen to and nourish your body (and mind) and do the work here in the now, to be healthier for the future. Why? because your future self will thank you for it.


You can do it. WE can do it.



Try making a new healthier version of your favorite recipe, sit outside for a bit in stillness and breathe in the fresh air or try a green smoothie for breakfast or as a snack. There are many small things you can do that will have a big impact on your health.




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