Myasthenia Gravis: Health and wellness then vs now


In the past I have spent numerous stays in the hospital, have had IVIG treatments, been on numerous immune suppressive medications (including prednisone), seen more than a dozen doctors and many times still was unable to walk any distance and was defiantly not healthy. Spending most of my time resting or in bed, many times I was not able to get the fresh sunlight on my skin except when it hit my skin through my window.


“To get your body healthy you must start by addressing your diet, nutrient deficiencies and lifestyle all while nourishing the mind.”



Fast forward to now, I eat clean and nourish my body and mind daily. I took the steps to understand how to even do that in the first place because let me tell you, with doctors trying to give you this medication or that, many of which for me caused additional symptoms, you may feel lost and not even know where to turn.  Learning how to address your body is the most important thing to work towards healing. I practice a healthy lifestyle and understand the importance of it all. I also thankfully was blessed to have been educated by Dr. Tallman who is the first and only doctor who ever took the time to raise my awareness of the affect food has on our health.


“It’s up to you to believe it and take the steps to make it happen.”


I continued to slowly educate myself from there so I could further understand the various steps to take to work towards getting healthy again. Plus,  if I happened to slip out of my healing journey I would know how to easily get back. I am still continuously working towards getting healthier. What is the absolute best out of it all though, is that now I can do so many of the things I previously would only dream of and along the way, have discovered tools and lived so many first hand experiences that I am finally able to share and help others along their own journey.

I encourage you

Fight for your health. It has been a long journey and is a continuing lifestyle process but whatever you do, do not give up. A healthier version of your current self is possible. As I always say and strongly believe, it’s up to you to believe it and take the steps to make it happen.




*I forever thank you for taking the time Dr. Tallman. You are not just a doctor, you are a shining example of a human being.


9 Tips for Addressing Autoimmune Disease


While gathering information on a question someone had recently asked me (regarding the dangers of modern refined white flour consumption), I came across this awesome list (below) created by Dr. Hyman. In his post Autoimmune disease: Stop Your Body’s Self Attack, he shares information all which I believe and have seen to be true for me and my Myasthenia Gravis symptoms.

Over the years while taking time to experiment and learn the various things that affect me, I have realized that the two key factors that affect and create greater symptoms are stress (mental and physical) and the diet. They both play such a significant role in overall wellness.


I personally take vitamin D, liquid EPA/DHA and probiotics (almost) daily as well as practice stress-reducing activities (read about them here and here). Its time to figure out what is causing your body to mishap and take kind and knowledgable action to help yourself now.


If you have an autoimmune disorder and aren’t sure where to start OR want a few other pointers on the steps to take to work towards getting your body back on track, I recommend taking a peek at the steps listed below. In addition, if you have any questions you’d like to ask please contact me here or in the O+A.


9 Tips for Addressing Autoimmune Disease

  • Read The Autoimmune Epidemic This book will tell you why we have this problem, and how to fix it.
  • Find a functional medicine doctor who can help you address autoimmunity.
  • Get tested for mercury and other heavy metals.
  • Get tested for celiac disease (an autoimmune reaction to wheat and other gluten-containing grains), which causes over 60 autoimmune diseases. And consider eliminating other inflammatory foods from your diet such as dairy, eggs, corn and animal fats for a few weeks to see if it makes a different your symptoms.
  • Take immune-balancing nutrients and supplements, including vitamin D, essential fats (like EPA/DHA and GLA), and probiotics.
  • Practice deep relaxation daily through yoga, meditation, biofeedback, or anything that reverses the stress response.
  • Practice the precautionary principle, which says that we should avoid anything with the potential for harm. In the US, something has to be proven harmful before it is taken off the market. In Europe, something has to be proven safe before it is allowed on the market. This is also known as “better safe than sorry.”
  • Learn how to boost your body’s own detoxification system.
  • By addressing the root causes of autoimmune disease, you can start feeling better and getting well today.


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Holiday How-To: Manage your stress and keep it all together


Happy holidays :) I haven’t been posting much as I’m sure you all know how life gets, or at least feels, around the holiday time. Its funny though, the same reason I haven’t been posting just happens to be the reason for this post today.


Managing MG and Stress

Managing my MG and stress (especially around the holiday time) is super important to keeping myself up and running when need be for family gatherings and such. I don’t know about you but when I get stressed I loose my appetite, have a hard time turning my mind ‘off’, have a tough time sleeping, become increasingly forgetful and am simply exhausted overall. Not someone you’d enjoy hanging around for very long, if ever, at all. So, below I’m going to share some things that have helped keep my mind, body and MG on track during these amazingly beautiful yet occasionally stressful times.



When I’m stressed I don’t feel like eating much or I simply forget to eat all together! Over the years I have realized that eating at regular times no matter what, is crucial to keeping strong especially when you have MG or any other autoimmune disorder for that matter. It seems like such a simple rule to follow but surprisingly many people (I used to be one) don’t eat at regular times every day. So heres what I do:

  1. Upon waking I eat a banana + drink a glass of water…even if I have to set it on my nightstand before I go to bed, it’s the first thing I do. Bananas are packed with potassium (super important for muscle function) and healthy carbs to kickstart your energy for the day and water/hydration is key to more functions of the body than we realize.
  2.  GREEN SMOOTHIE! Yes, every morning I make a green smoothie. Get those nutrients first thing in the morning. When I don’t want to eat food, but know I have to, green smoothies are key. Great for those of you who have a hard time chewing too. Use the recipe at the bottom of the page.
  3. After you’ve started your day with a banana and smoothie, naturally you’ll be hungry a few hours later. If you’re not, schedule time to eat regardless. After my morning smoothie I typically make sure to eat at around 1pm 5pm and 8pm. 


When you’re feeling stressed and exhausted its tough to even think of taking time out for yourself but you have to.

Wether you choose to take 10 minutes to sit or lay with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing (give square breathing a try), sit on the floor and stretch or follow a mild yoga routine (I really like to use the app ‘YOGA Studio‘ on my phone in the comfort of the living room floor) or simply throw your headphones in, turn on some soothing sounds and zone out, you must take that time out to center your mind again. Remember the goal is to stay healthy, sane and happy here ;) and this will very much help.


Ahhhhh. Sleep, one of my favorite things of the day. Did you know that the body repairs and restores itself only during sleep? Restorative sleep is one of the most important things people with MG or any other autoimmune disorder can give to themselves.

When its hard to sleep because well, life…here are 5 things I do to get that deep sleep we all need.

  1. Lavender oil + epsom salt. Bath time! A little soak in a mildly warm bath of this mixture will gently help soothe and get you ready for sleep. I use 1 cup epsom salt and 10 drops lavender oil.
  2. Tea time. Chamomile tea helps to relax me before bed (or anytime during the day, actually).
  3. Lavender oil dabbed on your wrists, temples and a little on your pillow will help you ease off to sleep. Lavender is a calming, anxiety relieving essential oil.
  4. Meditation music (I love love love the Omvana app) or I listen to rainforest or calming rainstorm sounds. Many sleep sounds you can find on youtube.
  5. Breathe. Square breathing and deep breathing will put you to sleep in no time. Faster than counting loads of those furry sheep anyway ;)


Todays Smoothie Recipe

try it out :)

1 frozen banana

1 cup frozen peach slices

1 handful of spinach

1 scoop protein powder (I like Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Protein)

2 Cups liquid (water, coconut water, almond milk)

1 tbsp fish oil (I like to use Carlson The Very Finest Fish Oil Liquid Omega-3)



Happy daze


My mantra this past week has been ‘do more of what makes you happy’. I have come to realize that you are truly in charge of your own happiness. Regardless of any unfavorable past experiences or current challenging circumstances, you have to see that you, and you alone, have the power to make a change and…

create more happy days.



Read a nourishing book

Draw a warm relaxing bath

Invest in some delicious tea

Make some delicious tea

Take a photograph

Sit in the grass

Stand/sit barefoot outside

Get some sunshine

Smell a lemon

Buy an indoor plant

Visit someone you love

Handwrite a letter to a friend…then mail it (to them, of course)

Use 5 minutes to close your eyes and listen to your breath

Live simply and create more happy days


Blog update


Please hold tight with me as I am in the process of updating the blog. Thoughts so far?


A few people have requested for the site to be a bit easier to read so I am working on that. I will continue to share tips I find helpful and useful so others can learn how to have their own personal best health and live a healthy and vibrantly happy life, especially while living with an autoimmune disorder.

This site will be full of Adapted Clean Eating recipes that I use…and obviously enjoy ;) MG health tips + life tips that help to boost my health when I’m low, how I keep fit, products I find helpful, doses of happiness to get you through a tough day and bits of my life here and there if you decide you’d like to read.

So, I hope this new look works better for everyone to effortlessly read, enjoy and navigate within the site. It is still in the works so please hold tight and if anyone else would like to give some feedback or input, please do so! Thank you all for the support of one another plus your interactive comments. Your comment or tip may help someone else reading so please do share with us all. I’m sure we all have something more to learn :)

I will see you all very soon for some new smoothie and baking recipes.




Simple Exercise Routines for Beginners [with video]

Exercise is so important for vibrant health.

With the helpful videos below and ‘The 9 Exercise Tips You Need To Know’, I hope to have opened your eyes to new possibilities for your health and happiness. Myasthenia Gravis can be rough at times, I know this fully, but if you want your health and happiness as much as I did (and do!) you can reclaim it one step at a time. Just take it slow and always check with your doctor to make sure they are on board too.

Click on the category that interests you below to check out some great beginner routines





Stretch it out