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Changing the way you eat and feeling better doesn’t happen over night, and thats ok. It takes time to get to know the best healthy foods for your body, to learn which foods are secretly zapping you of energy, to git rid of them and then to stick with it. It took me about 5 years of trial and error to really figure this out which is exactly why I want so badly to share what I have learned with anyone else diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. I want to share anything and everything I’ve learned throughout my years of living with MG so you can hopefully get your health back on track (or stop it from spiraling out of control) much sooner than I did.


Remember these wise words which can be applied to any aspect of life…nothing will change if nothing changes.


If you have any other questions, simply want to connect or learn more on how to help yourself, you can always reach out to me here. Whatever level of health you are currently at, please know that your body is designed to feel and work even better. My journey with MG is proof it can be done but it is up to you to decide when. If you want to feel better and function better than you currently are, then you must start and take some action.

The tools to improve the health and function of your body are hear for you to use. Take time and learn from the abundance of knowledge and personal experience that is here. And if you do not see it here or need a more detailed guide on where to start, please go ahead and search for yourself or simply reach out and ask….an answer or insight to your question may only be an email away.


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