Exercise For MG: the 9 exercise tips you need to know

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When I first started to incorporate exercise back into my life after being diagnosed with MG, I came across a few obstacles. With that being said, I wanted to share these tips I have found helpful so you can overcome any obstacles and exercise with ease and peace of mind.


Ask yourself, “Which type of body work will I benefit from the most.”

There are many different ways to get your body feeling better, working better or back into shape (if that’s your goal). Take a little time to look into which type of body work and exercise you’d enjoy and benefit from the most. My body work routine includes Yoga, stretching, massage and self Myofascial release.

[Read about Myofascial release here]

Learn correct form

Request that your doctor (or neurologist) set up time with a physical therapist or personal trainer to learn correct form and movements. This way you can learn how to preform movements the safest and most effective way possible. Plus, feel free to ask your physical therapist any questions you may have.

Keep a chair handy. 

Practice seated exercises first to gauge your current level of physical ability.

Position yourself near soft ground.

Invest in a yoga mat. They’re soft and very useful wether you’re sitting on the floor at home doing stretches to keep limber or using it as a cushion for laying out and getting a little sun (vitamin D) that our bodies need. Go ahead and take a peek at a few yoga mats here.

Exercise with a friend.

Get fit together and have a support system.

Stay hydrated.

Keep water near at all times. Invest in a reusable water bottle to keep with you. You can check out my favorite water bottles at Spiritual Gangster. I’m truly in love with everything they have so go ahead and take a second to look around their site.

Know your limits.

Avoid pushing yourself too far. We’re not trying to turn into the hulk here and we don’t want any injuries so take it slow.

Check with your doctor.

Rule out any medical reasons why you should not undertake an exercise routine.

Have Fun!

This is a no brainer. Exercise is not meant to be punishment (crazy right?!). But really, It’s meant to boost your mood, energize your bod and enhance your life! Treat it as such and loosen up. Have fun, get out there and enjoy!



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