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Grocery List

Shopping for healthy + whole foods can feel overwhelming if you’re unsure where to start. You may think to yourself, “What do I even buy”. Well, to help simplify things I have written out my current personal grocery list below. Feel free to use it as a guide. I consider these foods essential and have them in the house every week if I can.
Add or subtract as you wish. And remember to choose *organic when possible.


 Essential foods:

Almond milk (Soy-free /dairy-free / gluten-free)


Sweet potato






Zucchini squash







Bananas (2 bunches-peel and freeze the ripest bunch to use in smoothies during the week)

Low GI frozen fruit (and any type of frozen berries) 

Wild caught Salmon or Organic free-range Chicken (whole or breasts) + keep in mind that it is best not to eat animal protein everyday or at every meal for that matter 

Fresh Garlic

Ginger root


Longer lasting items that you can buy less often:

Unrefined Coconut Oil

Grass-fed Butter/Ghee

Almond butter (if you are NOT allergic to nuts)

Turmeric Seasoning (powder)

Pink Himalayan sea salt

Cacao Power or Cacao Nibs (to use in my smoothies because I do love chocolate!) – I use Navitas Naturals Organic Raw Cacao Nibs and their Organic Raw Cacao Powder


*You can check out the EWG’s shoppers guide to show you the most important produce to buy organic. Keep in mind that this is the list for the 2014 year as the 2015 list has not come out yet. Nevertheless it is still great info to be aware of.


Can you think of any other whole food essentials to add to this list?
What are your favorites? 
Please Comment below.



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Changing the way you eat and feeling better doesn’t happen over night, and thats ok. It takes time to get to know the best healthy foods for your body, to learn which foods are secretly zapping you of energy, to git rid of them and then to stick with it. It took me about 5 years of trial and error to really figure this out which is exactly why I want so badly to share what I have learned with anyone else diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. I want to share anything and everything I’ve learned throughout my years of living with MG so you can hopefully get your health back on track (or stop it from spiraling out of control) much sooner than I did.


Remember these wise words which can be applied to any aspect of life…nothing will change if nothing changes.


If you have any other questions, simply want to connect or learn more on how to help yourself, you can always reach out to me here. Whatever level of health you are currently at, please know that your body is designed to feel and work even better. My journey with MG is proof it can be done but it is up to you to decide when. If you want to feel better and function better than you currently are, then you must start and take some action.

The tools to improve the health and function of your body are hear for you to use. Take time and learn from the abundance of knowledge and personal experience that is here. And if you do not see it here or need a more detailed guide on where to start, please go ahead and search for yourself or simply reach out and ask….an answer or insight to your question may only be an email away.


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While gathering information on a question someone had recently asked me (regarding the dangers of modern refined white flour consumption), I came across this awesome list (below) created by Dr. Hyman. In his post Autoimmune disease: Stop Your Body’s Self Attack, he shares information all which I believe and have seen to be true for me and my Myasthenia Gravis symptoms.

Over the years while taking time to experiment and learn the various things that affect me, I have realized that the two key factors that affect and create greater symptoms are stress (mental and physical) and the diet. They both play such a significant role in overall wellness.


I personally take vitamin D, liquid EPA/DHA and probiotics (almost) daily as well as practice stress-reducing activities (read about them here and here). Its time to figure out what is causing your body to mishap and take kind and knowledgable action to help yourself now.


If you have an autoimmune disorder and aren’t sure where to start OR want a few other pointers on the steps to take to work towards getting your body back on track, I recommend taking a peek at the steps listed below. In addition, if you have any questions you’d like to ask please contact me here or in the O+A.


9 Tips for Addressing Autoimmune Disease

  • Read The Autoimmune Epidemic This book will tell you why we have this problem, and how to fix it.
  • Find a functional medicine doctor who can help you address autoimmunity.
  • Get tested for mercury and other heavy metals.
  • Get tested for celiac disease (an autoimmune reaction to wheat and other gluten-containing grains), which causes over 60 autoimmune diseases. And consider eliminating other inflammatory foods from your diet such as dairy, eggs, corn and animal fats for a few weeks to see if it makes a different your symptoms.
  • Take immune-balancing nutrients and supplements, including vitamin D, essential fats (like EPA/DHA and GLA), and probiotics.
  • Practice deep relaxation daily through yoga, meditation, biofeedback, or anything that reverses the stress response.
  • Practice the precautionary principle, which says that we should avoid anything with the potential for harm. In the US, something has to be proven harmful before it is taken off the market. In Europe, something has to be proven safe before it is allowed on the market. This is also known as “better safe than sorry.”
  • Learn how to boost your body’s own detoxification system.
  • By addressing the root causes of autoimmune disease, you can start feeling better and getting well today.


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