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This quote is very accurate. I have been using it my own life lately. You can use this in your daily life as well to increase happiness, understanding and to open and transform your perspective on everything from how you are looking and addressing your health to how you deal with everyday interactions.


“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change”


When you change your view, you learn to be compassionate with yourself. You are doing the best you can in this moment and that is all you can do for yourself. When you are doing the best you can, life seems to propel you in the best direction for your personal journey.  It’s when we slack on growing our knowledge and open ness to the possibility of life, happiness and health, that we get stuck in the wrong place, path or illness.

“when you know better, do better”

So on the other hand, if you’re not doing the best you can and you know it, then work to do better (and i’m not talking about money or material things). Things that I improved (and continue to improve) for example were: my diet, friendships, relationships, communication, openness, self nurturing, self love and expanding my knowledge for the things most important to me. I will break down how to improve each one of those things in future posts so you can do better, feel better and live better too.


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Watch for upcoming posts including:

New smoothie recipes I use for boosting my health and energy

A how-to health guide

Questions to ask your doctor during your next visit to better your health, which will in turn better  autoimmune symptoms you may be dealing with (like MG symptoms for example)



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