Paleo Diet and Myasthenia Gravis


Does The Paleo Diet Help Myasthenia Gravis?

I’m totally not afraid to try new diets/eating styles on myself. I want to figure out the best diet (or at least figure out good options) for people to be able use to control Myasthenia Gravis.

We all want to live symptom-free, thats a given. So far I’ve found that an adapted clean eating diet is the best diet to control Myasthenia Gravis symptoms and to have energy.

But what if there’s more than just one type of eating plan that can control MG and keep you symptom free?

I want to find out.

Starting today, I’m embarking on a 30-day Paleo Diet. I want to know how the Paleo Diet affects Myasthenia Gravis. I also want to share what I learn with you! So within the next 30 days, I’ll be updating you on the affects of the Paleo diet and Myasthenia Gravis. This should be fun :)

The-Paleo-DietPaleo Diet

What is the Paleo Diet?

What is the Paleo diet anyway? I first heard about it was actually on Instagram. I posted a photo of my food (as I always do, haha), and one of my friends tagged it #paleo. I was curious so I did a little digging and found that the paleo diet, or the ‘caveman diet’ is basically an eating style like that of the caveman days. Its a ‘diet’ based off of eating like the cavemen would have. This means anything we could hunt or gather – meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, regional veggies, and seeds.


No calorie counting

An awesome benefit from this type of eating style is there’s no need to calorie count! Seriously sign me up, right?! Because the foods in the paleo diet are naturally lower in calories, theres really no possible way to eat more calories than you need.

For example, if you were to eat 4 apples you would feel sooo full and only be loading up on 320 calories. If you ate a 320 calorie bowl of pasta it would easily just leave you craving more. The same goes for candy or doughnuts, 320 calories of candy (one candy bar) is not the same as eating 320 calories of broccoli or lean turkey breast or chicken.

lose weight with diet


Paleo Diet helps people with Myasthenia Gravis loose weight

If you have Myasthenia Gravis then you already know that loosing weight is tough. We aren’t as able to run, jump around and exercise like most people can. With the paleo diet, I have seen and read on many websites and blogs that when you eat paleo you will loose weight without even trying. Ummm, yes please! I’m defiantly excited to see if I drop a few extra lbs in the next 30 days by eating Paleo. So lets find out; can the Paleo Diet help people with Myasthenia Gravis loose weight?.

This type of weight loss is exactly what we need! Loosing weight without intense need of exercise. Dont get me wrong, if you’re strong enough to get to walking, jogging or circuit train (like I do), then thats just an added bonus to your weight loss goals (and great for your overall health).


Paleo, Me and MG

So I’m going to be eating following the paleo diet for the next 30 days. I’m super stoked to find an answer to the question, “how does the Paleo Diet affect Myasthenia Gravis”?. I’ll post my progress and findings using the Paleo diet (good or bad) here. This will be interesting and fun! So check back here if you’re just as curious as I am!


Comment below and share your experience with the Paleo Diet. Good or bad, its nice to know.




9 Replies to “Paleo Diet and Myasthenia Gravis”

  1. Olá. sou portuguesa, tenho MG desde os 7 anos de idade (tenho 48) e gostei de descobrir o seu blogue.
    Espero que tenha tido bons resultados e esteja bem.
    Eu tb quero iniciar dieta imuno paleo e vou estar atenta ao seu blogue.
    Espero que esteja bem ;)

    1. Thank you so much. I’m happy to hear from you and that you enjoy what this website has some to be. Do keep in touch and update us all on your experience with the paleo eating style :)

  2. Hello, I was just diagnosed in January 2015 with MG and I started the Paleo diet as soon as I found out. Can you tell me if the Paleo diet has worked for you? MG is brand new to me and I would love to talk to you Cynthia. I can’t find anyone that has tried the Paleo diet. Also, do you still have your thymus gland and will it shrink by going on the Paleo diet? Mine is enlarged and they would like to remove it but I am concerned that if it is removed, I will be left with a week immune system. They don’t seem to know much about they thymus gland and the removal of it. Does anyone know how important it is to have it removed? They say the success rate is only 10-20% and it is such an invasive surgery. Thank you. Christine

    1. Hi Christine–

      I am 41 and have had MG for 7 years. After reading the brilliant MS success stories, I tried a strict Paleo Diet for 2 months a few years ago. Some parts worked, some did not. I lost 7lbs the first two weeks (I didn’t need to loose weight at all) and I was surprisingly never hungry. I ate healthy and was gluten-free before, but giving up ALL grains and legumes definitely helped. I’d recommend going to an Integrative Medicine MD or NP to get tested for mild food allergies (I think they call it a IGG blood test). I have several mild food allergies, which DEFINITELY cause MG flares. Apples for instance, & fish, almonds, coconut and soy. Now I eat mostly paleo– plus full fat diary. I know, dairy-free is a central core of going Paleo, but i never test allergic to it and didn’t have any flares when I added it back into my life. Plus to add my allergies to the already very restrictive Paleo diet was stressing me out. ;-) Sleep, stress-reduction, vitamins all help of course. My thymus glad was not enlarged and i never got it out. The stats I read on that surgery are abismal, but it obviously works miracles for some. I hope the Paleo diet helped you! Caryn

  3. I have MG, I follow a Primal/Paleo lifestyle, I have lost 100 lbs to date.

    An important distinction though, is that I adhere to an Autoimmune Protocol of Paleo.
    Food can heal and food can hurt. As MG is an autoimmune disorder, it is important to find out if you have any specific food triggers. The Paleo Mom has a blog, a podcast, and books that address this.

    Good luck to you all. It’s not easy but it does help.

    1. I would love to hear if the AIP diet has had an impact on your symptoms, and if so, in what way? I have been unsuccessful at sticking with it for more than a couple of weeks at a time. I grand plans of doing AIP or Dr Wahl’s Protocol when I’m not so busy (sometime in the unforeseeable future!!!!). Hearing how others have benefited might motivate me!

  4. Hello, I am wondering how the diet helped? I am currently tapering off prednisone after 18lbs in 5 months. This has been a big struggle for me especially since last year I dropped close to 25. I can’t wait to start looking myself again… I really enjoy your blog and will try out your smoothies this weekend!


  5. Hello! I have been searching and searching for the last couple of years to find blogs of people using diet to control MG. You can find lots about MS, but MG is much rarer. Thanks for doing this – I look forward to reading about your progress. I have used diets ( ie juicing, grain-free), but I have trouble sticking to them – life sometimes gets too stressful and I turn to crappy food. Not an excuse! I’m looking for motivation to get back on track. FYI, there is also a Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, which is even more restrictive, but could possibly get even better results. That’s what I’m planning to do once I get myself motivated. Keep it up!

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