A Mess: Food and Stress

There are 50 million Americans living with autoimmune conditions (That’s almost one in six people!)


A Mess: Food and Stress

I have lived with an autoimmune disorder since the age of 17.  To make a long story short, just before I was diagnosed I was under an extreme amount of stress as well as eating poorly (tons of sugar and processed foods or not eating enough at all).  Years down the road when I realized how much food and stress affected my body I started to remove myself from stressful situations, address any stress that was affecting my mental health, pay attention and shift the processed food I was loading into my body and I really started to notice a big difference. It makes sense though, right?  


We all know that what we eat directly affects each cell in our body. I mean, our bodies literally break down the food we consume and turn it into the building blocks that sustain and repair ourselves. With that small reminder, wouldn’t it be a good idea to supply the body with fresh and wholesome foods?

Remember that saying, “we are what we eat”?  Well its true!  Much of our body is made from what we put into it!  Try incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables -cooked or lightly steamed vegetables.  Much of the packaged foods today are not wholesome or nourishing let alone food at all.  It is more or less a combination of ingredients and preservatives designed to taste good and have a long shelf life.  I’m not saying all pre-packaged foods are bad but you must be conscious of your choices and don’t be afraid to read the label!  If you are, its probably not the best to buy in the first place! 


Ahhh stress. Everyone experiences it in one form or another.- family, work, school or just day-to-day life experiences.  Regardless of where it comes from it wrecks our body. It can break down our mental and physical self slowly leaving us feeling haggard and tired. This is why along with food we must be conscious to rid ourselves of stress as much as possible. We must decompress in a healthy way to not overwhelm ourselves with stress causing the slow decline of our mental and physical self. 

This is a little reminder to pay attention to your current stressors and either remove yourself in a healthy way from them or if you can’t, learn stress reduction techniques. I love to listen to meditation tracks on my iPhone (I use an app called insight timer) and just zone my mind out on some positive tracks. I also sit outside and listen to nature – whatever sounds may be going on. And one of my favorites although pricy is experiencing the calming effect of a floatation tank. I wrote about my experience here.

There are small things we can do every day that will add up over time and turn our body into less of mess. These are good reminders for everyone but especially us with an autoimmune disorder. We already have enough riding on us and If we can make a few small healthy adjustments to improve our body our mind and our life, then why not?

I hope you join me and try out some of the things mentioned above.  Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. yea we have to really take care of our body. This is a great read! thanks for sharing… eating healthy, earthing once a week, working out and doing yoga sound bath are my ways of achieving healthy mind and body

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