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EatToBeatMG.com was created to educate and inspire change in the health and wellness of the only home you will always have; your body. Here, we are upgrading our lifestyle and getting back to health again.This site is here to share tips, research, personal experiences and information that will help people all over the world diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis and other autoimmune disorders and chronic illnesses learn how to beat symptoms, feel great and really enjoy life again.

Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder at 17, I personally refused to feel like there was a physical ‘road block’ in front of my everyday life, so I did something about it. With over 12 years of personal experience, research, persistance and self-care, I started to finally understand which things I could do to upgrade the health of my body so I could ultimately be living healthier and fully enjoy life again.  I aim to share and encourage you on your own health journey because with everything I have personally experienced, realized and continuously learn every day, living a healthy and vibrant life is possible.

Lets help one another be strong, fearless and not only be great, but feel great. I know we all want to, and I’m telling you from experience, it is possible. We can do this! You can do this.


Today is the start of a healthier you!


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