Today is the start of a healthier YOU. 

EattobeatMG.com was created to educate and inspire change in the health and wellness of the only home you will always have; your body.

With over 17 years of personal experience, research, persistence, tons of self-love and care, I now understand the various things I can do for my body to ultimately live healthier, happier, feel better and fully enjoy life again. Now, I aim to share what I’ve learned, offer support and encourage you to start your own journey towards better health. Yes it takes work to achieve health but when you take the time and implement the steps, it is life changing.

To me, that’s worth it.



About Me

I was sick of being sick.  I was tired of hospital stays and longed for the possibility of adventure with friends by my side.  I would dream of days where my legs and arms wouldn’t fail me, where I wouldn’t have anxiety wondering if my body could keep up with simple daily tasks.  Plus, prednisone was fully kicking my butt and I didn’t even recognize myself anymore (unfortunately, I’m sure many of you out there can relate to that [think moon-face, weight-gain, osteoporosis or osteopenia (by 21 I had developed osteopenia), carrying constant water-weight, the increased anxiety]  its a lot – there is hope though! I am happy to report that I do recognize myself again).  With all of the ups and downs, I lost who I was and I wanted myself back again – but this time even better than before.  Where I was at, I truly felt like I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So, here I am.  I started on my path towards getting healthy quite a few years back and when I realized I was in fact learning new ways to live with symptoms of Myasthenia Gravis that didn’t make things worse, and actually made things better and improved my overall functioning, I was naturally all for it. Anyone with MG, or any other health issue for that matter, who has ever experienced a flare or is constantly unstable with the health and functioning of their body knows how hard it is to simply live and at times. Add any other issue to that mix and it makes life pretty difficult.


Don’t Give Up!  But now here I am, sharing what I’ve learned, experienced, realized and have found on health and wellness through either research or trial and error. But its not only that…Remember, I’m living a life with health issues as a young person too, I have been for the last 17 years now. The reason I started all of this was to inspire anyone else with a physical or health ‘limitation’ to never ever give up or hold off on looking for ways to live a life of happiness, health and wellness.

I’m simply here sharing ways I’ve improved myself and my lifestyle along with other tidbits about life, so hopefully you, the individual reading this right now, can take something from it and can get to a place of improved health much quicker than I did. And to know there is definitely hope for a life beyond weak muscles, stress & anxiety, medication and hospital visits. I didn’t know that at one point but I do now and I want you to know it, too.

So please, feel free to browse, comment, reach out and say hello, collaborate  with me! (because life, creativity, inspiring stories and people + wellness is awesome – directly health related or not! It’s all very healing) or please stay to simply observe and hopefully be inspired yourself. Plus, you guys and gals, it never hurts to adapt an attitude of:  “I can do anything I put my mind to”. Improving your health, happiness and the style that you live your life is no different!

I hope this site helps and inspired you to do just that!

*If you decide today is the start of a healthier you, too, then please join us! We’re a community taking steps to improve our health – mind, body and soul – one step at a time! Join us in the digital world!  

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